Chrysoprase macrame pendant, healing crystal necklace, bohemian pendant with brass beads, gemstone necklace with chrysoprase crystal #indiandesignerwear
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Chrysoprase macrame pendant, healing crystal necklace, bohemian pendant with brass beads, gemstone necklace with chrysoprase crystal #indiandesignerwear

Bohemian macrame pendant. Macrame necklace with chrysoprase | Etsy

♡ Pebbles Tribal Craft♡ ••ᕼᗩᑎᗪᗰᗩᗪE ᒍEᗯEᒪᖇY, ᗯITᕼ ᒪOᐯE ᖴOᖇ ᑎᗩTᑌᖇE•• Pebbles is a combination of •Handmade jewelry with healing properties. •Organic designs and earthy colours that bring harmony. •Natural and spiritual materials. •Tribal and bohemian jewelry, wearable on every occasion to show your beautiful self. •Treasures from nature, semi precious gemstones, healing crystals, brass, wood, bone, and other findings. •Beautiful landscapes, organic shapes and textures and different ethnic groups as inspiration, motivation and flow of creativity. All items you find in the shop are handmade with attention for quality, harmony and love for nature. I pick out the materials very carefully so that I'm sure I can create high quality pieces for my customers. All pieces carry their own spiritual energy and possess healing properties. The dreamy, imaginative designs and harmonic colours are inspired by nature. ♥Bohemian Chrysoprase pendant♥ ♡TECHNIQUE♡: This necklace is hand made with different macrame techniques. Macrame is an ancient craft that uses knotting techniques to create different patterns, structures and shapes. ♡MATERIALS♡: Crystal: Chrysoprase healing crystal. Beads and pendant: The beads and pendant are made from Indian raw brass. Brass is a good quality metal that is easy to clean. Strings: high quality wax strings from Brazil. ♡COLOURS♡: The string colour used for this piece is creme beige. The Chrysoprase crystal is applegreen with warm brown speckles . ♡OTHER INFORMATION♡: The endings of the strings are beautifully decorated with brass beads. The necklace length is adjustable with an easy to use slide lock. The necklace feels comfortable to wear. No glue used. Perfect fit for all sizes! ♡HEALING♡: Chrysoprase imparts a sense of being a part of the divine whole. Chrysoprase promotes hope and gives personal insights. It draws out talents and stimulates creativity. It creates openness to new situations. It assists in looking at egotistical motives in the past and the effect they have had on your development, and it aligns your ideals with your behaviour. Overcoming compulsive or impulsive thoughts and actions, it turns your attention to positive events. Chrysoprase brings a sense of security and trust and stimulates acceptance of oneself and others. ♡SHIPPING♡ After I receive your order it takes 1-3 workdays to ship the order. I send all packages with the official registered mail with trackingcode. This allows you to follow the package easily. As soon as the package is shipped you will receive a notification email with the trackingcode. You can than follow the package at any time through the notification email, through your Etsy account or on the webpage of your local post company. If in an unusual case your package gets lost I will do my best to find it by contacting customer services of the postal company. When it can not be found you can choose to receive a full refund, or you can pick out another item within the same price range as the lost item (If you would be interested I could even make a copy of the lost item). This new item will be shipped to you for free. ♡TᕼE SᕼOᑭ♡ By clicking the link below you can visit my shop where you will find more bohemian and tribal jewelry: ♡ᑕᑌSTOᗰ OᖇᗪEᖇS♡ If you are interested in a custom made piece you can contact me on the email adres bellow, through my Etsy shop or on Instagram. I have a wide range of healing crystals, string colours, beads, pendants and findings to choose from and I will do my best to bring your wishes, creativity and inspiration to life. pebbles_tribal_craft [!at] ♡ᖴOᒪᒪOᗯ ᑭEᗷᗷᒪES♡ To stay up to date on new arrivals, updates, sales & discounts you can add my shop to your favorites by pressing the 'favorite shop' button. Beside that you can find this information on the pebbles Instagram page: For more photos of the jewelry, questions or other information please contact me! •••♡ᗰᗩᗪE ᗯITᕼ ᒪOᐯE, ᗷY ᑭEᗷᗷᒪES TᖇIᗷᗩᒪ ᑕᖇᗩᖴT♡•••


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